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About Us

“Where the Holy Spirit makes the difference”, not only in the lives of our families but through a triumphant celebration of worship, the dynamic word, and spectacular anointing. Come join us! See the masterpiece of blessing our Lord, Jesus Christ, has bestowed upon the church. Learn the rich history of our church. Just celebrating our 95th anniversary, we have given you the opportunity to see what has been accomplished through Christ Jesus since 1918, and see what our future vision for this church house entails. Get to know who the leadership of this church are, and understand what we firmly believe. We hope you will take the time to learn about us.

Mission Statement

1. Abundant Life Worship Center shall consist of true Christ-centered, full Gospel Pentecostal oriented believing Churches, Ministries, Ministers, Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Apostles, Prophets, and Missionaries, from the United States and other parts of the world, who will function within the Internal Revenue code of 1986 501(c)(3) as amended or otherwise.

2. Abundant Life Worship Center Churches, Pastors, Missionaries, Apostles and Prophets, shall foster and promote a spiritual leadership class or classes for the express purpose of giving birth, developing and mentoring leaders in the local church and ultimately making them ministry people for birthing churches, foreign field missionaries, evangelists, etc.

The purpose of Abundant Life Worship Center will be Four-Fold:

1. To strategically and purposefully build the church and plant new churches into the Kingdom of God in every way through special cutting edge worship, evangelism and the dynamic preaching of the Word of God.

2. To foster and build unity among the body of believers, fellow-ministries of Christ (Abundant Life Ministries in particular) by clear teaching of acceptable doctrines and practices confirmed by Scripture; to strongly promote unity and harmony at any cost among the body of Christ and Abundant Life Worship Center Churches; to quickly expose and report pernicious attitudes, procedures, practices and doctrines that divide and fracture the unity of the overall Church.

3. To strongly promote relational accountability of our leaders and to develop and encourage a learning track of deeper and stronger Biblical knowledge for better preaching and leading, and build strong ministerial families and marriages through edifying fellowship and submission in every way to the Scriptures and holy living and to the Brotherhood and leadership.

4. To strengthen and build the local church and churches under our charge with new people and not exclusively with transient transfers from other churches.

  • These goals can be accomplished through the continuous submission and accountability of the Abundant Life Ministries constituents to the Father-covering and anointing of Bishop Peter Bruno and/or his appointees and/or executive committee.
  • The receptive-submission to the exhortations, prophetic insight and wisdom from the Word of God as so brought out by the Bishop and/or his appointees and/or executive committee.
  • The required attendance at all leadership training gatherings (i.e. ECLC), seminars, church conferences, conventions, etc. promoted by the Bishop for the good welfare of the body of Abundant Life Ministries.

Basic Code of Ethics

It is required that each member of Abundant Life Ministries accept and adhere to this code of ethics in all aspects of life and ministry.

  • To maintain high standards of moral, financial and business integrity in all of life and ministries that the ministry of the Lord is not blamed.