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Church Ministries

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  • While at a Pastor’s conference in Orlando, Florida while he was praying, God asked him “where are your sons?” Bishop soon realized God was not asking him about his own biological sons who already had a mandate on their lives for ministry but the raising up of spiritual sons for pastoral, evangelistic and missionary service. Training classes soon began with those chosen of the Lord where each month Bishop imparted to them through teaching, loving, praying and showing them what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Then one by one to the present, Bishop found out a kingdom principle; the best way to multiply and advance the kingdom and the word of God was to pour his life into men and women and allow them to reproduce in their local churches. When ready, they were sent out to begin churches from north to south. Bishop is the spiritual father over satellite churches throughout the tri-state area and upstate New York areas as well internationally.

  • Bishop Bruno founded ALA in 1986 and believes strongly in Christian education. He provides the vision, guidance, and support the school needs. The students love his visits and can always see him seated in the front row enjoying concerts and programs.

    Abundant Life Academy is a private, inter-denominational, Christian School housed on the Abundant Life Worship Center campus in Nutley, NJ. As a ministry of NALWC, ALA’s mission is to achieve academic excellence while sharing God’s love with children and their families. Abundant Life Academy is a school you can trust to educate your child. A parent’s decision to enroll their child at ALA creates a partnership and this partnership of parents and staff establishes an unbreakable bond of love and safety for our children.  Our academy begins with pre-kindergarten for 3 & 4 year olds and continues through grade 12. Equal emphasis is placed on all four levels: Pre-kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School and High School. ALA does not recruit high school students. Only those who meet admissions requirements, can proceed to the high school program.

  • To keep the house of the Lord dressed as royalty seasonally and to prepare His House for worship and fellowship.

  • The heart of this ministry is to welcome all of God’s children into our church family with love and open arms and introduce them to their Heavenly father through Jesus Christ as well as, continue to support and encourage them as they grow in Christ. It is our desire to reach the neighborhood through evangelism – to gather and wins souls for Christ.

  • This team is a vital component of every church service in bringing quality sound in all areas of the sanctuary for people to hear the music and the word of God properly as well as recording and selling CD’s and DVD’s of every service and special event.

  • This ministry partners with families to develop a strong spiritual and moral foundation in children enabling them to experience and reflect God in every area of their lives. A Great Place to have fun and learn God’s Word through fun Bible lessons and games that ensure them that they are not insignificant but an integral part of the Kingdom of God and that Jesus encourages all children to come unto Him.

  • To provide and maintain a safe, fun place for children with special needs and their families to experience God. To encourage and support children with physical, emotional, social and mental challenges and to further develop their unique relationship with our Father God. This ministry demonstrates by attitude and actions that God considers these children and families to be deserving of love and honor. Chosen Vessels are an important and integral part of our church family.

  • Our flourishing bookstore is always well stocked with continual new items weekly at discounted prices. We have the perfect gift for every occasion from bibles, books, CD’s, DVD’s, home decorations, study materials, and much, much more. Come and browse at the store with a heart. We are open before and after services.
    Remember, its’ the friendly place to shop.

  • This mandate is to uphold Bishop and Sister Bruno and the overall Ministries; to stand in the gap and make up the hedge of prayer that will protect and propel the work of the Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our heart is to see believers empowered and motivated to pray effectually and fervently.

  • Believing that marriage is God’s perfect design between a man and a woman, this ministry will continue to meet the needs of married and engaged couples through the word of God, prayer, teachings, fellowship and ministering sessions.

  • Our Master’s Men’s Ministry is specifically designed to meet the many needs of the men in our church. To encourage the men of this church to grow in their spiritual relationship with the Lord and reach their full potential in Christ while developing, as men of God in relation with their wives, children, families and communities. As men, we also need to take time to help those who are in need like the widows, single mothers, young men and the elderly to make sure that their needs are being met and that they are being lifted up in prayer. It’s a ministry of fellowship, comradery and fun.

  • The Music Ministry of NALWC, the modern day Levites, set apart and sanctified for His service, desire to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. We look to lift up the name of Jesus and set an atmosphere for corporate praise with psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, and intimate, holy worship to the Lord so all who enter will experience His manifest presence and supernatural glory. The music ministry continues to passionately pursue Jesus with a spirit of excellence as they grow in their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and enjoy the glory of His goodness. In addition to serving our church family at every service, we have a burden to proclaim freedom and liberty to the captives and bring the “good news” to those outside the church through evangelistic outreaches. We enjoy uniting all the choirs during the Christmas season to share the love of Jesus and minister salvation and healing to the lost and broken.

    The Music Ministry includes:

    • Instruments of Praise (IOP)
    • His Voice Choir (HVC)
    • Kidz’ Praize Choir (KPC)
    • Teenz’ Praize Choir (TPC)
    • Worship leaders, worship teams, soloists, and special music.
  • This ministry provides the viewing of songs, choruses and scripture verses for the congregation during every service as well as messages and announcements.

  • To coordinate purposeful events and activities for single Christians that honor God first, foster becoming whole in Christ, present opportunities for service through outreach, prepare for marriage and encourage fun social activities, all while creating atmospheres for wholesome fellowship with one another.

  • Shabach Arts includes dance, mime, graphic arts, flags, banners, and drama. Shabach seeks to honor the Lord through the expression of gifts and talents given by God. The department is comprised of young children, youth, and adult men and women. The goal of Shabach is proclaim boldly to generations that He alone is worthy of all praise!

    It is our prayer that the visual component of the arts would enable the believer and unbeliever to “see” that truly God is in this place and that His presence is real; so real that it would cause all of us to fall on our faces and worship Him. I Corinthians 14:24-2

    The “artists” work under the leading of the worship leaders and the flow of the Holy Spirit. Members of the team seek to glorify Him through spontaneous worship; as well as minister choreographed pieces for special church events.

  • This ministry honors the “Siblings” of children with special needs knowing their individual struggles, stresses and sacrifices made by them for the special needs child. We honor, support and encourage these unique care givers while recognizing the distinctiveness of their own “special needs”. We educate families, youth, communities, clergy, health care and education professionals regarding these amazing children and teens. We help build a bridge of Hope through faith in God that leads to a greater peace and joy.

  • Nutley ALWC television ministry is aired over numerous stations and to countless millions as a tool of evangelism to reach the unsaved and shut-ins. One way to bring the “GOOD NEWS” to the towns, cities and nations is through the medium of television. We at Nutley ALWC are privileged to have been airing our services since 1980 and we will continue by doing so with the new technology of live stream and special lighting equipment to enhance the TV production for better quality shows DVD’S, and stream for the church.

  • This weekly teaching arm of the church is dedicated to the study and preservation of the Holy Scriptures. The experience highlights the needs to build the complete person, accomplished through thought provoking topics that allow students to “rightly divide the word of truth” 2 Cor. 2:15

  • The main intent of our teams is to maintain hospitality to one another while focusing on safety and order in the church and to offer an outstretched hand to every person who enters through the church doors so as to make them feel welcome and a part of our church community.

  • To hold up the arms of the “set man” of this house – Bishop Bruno by assisting him to “feed the sheep’ that our Lord has given him care of by sharing the word, praying for one another, visits and follow up.

  • We minister in Word, Hope, and encouragement, comfort and joy to the women of our church with breakfasts that include fun, food and the life changing word of God. Conferences, coffee chats, luncheons, visiting the sick and needy with meals, blessing single moms and mothers of special needs children, going out and feeding the homeless and providing essential supplies for charity homes as well as Christmas gifts for needy children and Thanksgiving food baskets.

  • New Generation Youth Ministries is the middle and high school ministry of Nutley Abundant Life Worship Center, ages 12-19. It’s a place where friendships are developed and our young people learn to have a meaningful relationship with God through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

    Every Friday night we’re finding our reason for being in Christ and experiencing a positive alternative to the destructive behavior of this world like drugs, alcohol, addictions, that are claiming so many of our peers. Through music, skits, videos, dance and practical teachings, people our own age are expressing themselves and also learning the truth in a way we can all understand. If you are look for a reason for being in this world, then come out on Friday nights at 7:30 p.m. The answers are closer than you think.

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  • This is a two-fold ministry. First, to minister to our precious babies by meeting their physical needs and to lovingly nurture, cuddle, pray over, and sing to them. Secondly, our ministry is to be a blessing to the parents by providing them the opportunity to enjoy two quiet services a week without having to worry about their children. While we are changing diapers, wiping noses, and tying shoes, mom and dad are growing spiritually. We are also there to encourage parents and provide information and advice, especially to new moms.

  • A Great Place to have fun and learn God’s Word!  “Soul Seekers” ages 10-12, meet during the adult church service every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.  It’s an exciting ministry that meets the needs of young people – body, soul and spirit.

    Games, wacky contests, day trips:  they’re all a part of Soul Seekers’ formula for a fun and safe time. Inspirational messages, challenging conferences, and community outreaches are just some aspects of the ministry.  Soul Seekers grow in their faith as they seek the Lord together.