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  • Our flourishing bookstore is always well stocked with continual new items weekly at discounted prices.  We have the perfect gift for every occasion from bibles, books, CD’s, DVD’s, home decorations, study materials, and much, much more. Come and browse at the store with a heart.  We are open before and after services.

    Remember, its’ the friendly place to shop.

  • We offer a customized rental room, called the “Garden Court”, used for birthday parties, graduations, wedding receptions, and showers.  With a 700 seat capacity and equipped with banquet tables, chairs, and ice machine, we are confident that your needs will be met.  The fee is based on an hourly rate, and it is a non-smoking, non-alcoholic, and gospel music only facility.

    To contact us call:  973-667-4329 Mon. – Fri. between 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • In 2000, Aslan Court was created inside a beautifully renovated 110,000 sq. ft. building that houses the vibrant Nutley Abundant Life Worship Center Church and its dynamic Abundant Life Academy.

    This premium facility was conceived with you in mind.  As a child, did you ever dream of playing on a professional playing surface? How about slamming home a spectacular dunk on a real glass backboard?  Ever picture yourself sitting in a real courtside chair during a timeout?  We have built a place for you!

    If volleyball is your game, did the thought of spiking home the winning point over a suspended net that never touches the floor ever play out in your wildest dreams?  We have built a place for you!

    Located in the picturesque township of Nutley, New Jersey, this state-of-the-art facility can be the place for your next tournament, clinic, camp, league, practice or birthday party.